The story of a missed birth & a friend named Ryan.

This mama is an amazing photographer and doula herself out of Fort McMurray! She asked me to photograph the birth of their second baby and I was eagerly awaiting the call. She drove down close to her due date to be near her midwife and had friends offer their home for her to give birth in. Great friends!

You know how it can be in those last days... so many almost-labour situations you find yourself in - so eagerly awaiting to meet your precious new baby! I lived by my phone alongside her, and once her water broke, we knew it would be soon. So a day and a half later the action happened! I got the call in the middle of the night, jumped out of bed and drove right over. But as I was pulling into the neighbourhood I passed an ambulance, then a fire truck... then another fire truck... my heart was starting to race. I pulled up to the house and there was a car left running, doors open, and parked diagonally in the driveway. I ran into the house and was greeted by Grandma who told me I missed it. WHAT? Yep, you missed it by 10 minutes. My heart sank. But I could hear baby and Mama upstairs so all was well!

Within about 15 minutes of calling the midwives and me - baby arrived! So fast, that Dad was being guided by the midwives on the phone and went to call 911 when they realized no one would make it in time. Well guess who was there? Their friend Ryan, gracious host of the house, ended up being the only one around to catch the baby! He was on cloud 9 when I arrived, "I delivered a baby!!!". Ryan didn't care that he wasn't the dad, he caught that baby for his friends! What a story!

As sad as I was to have missed this birth, I was so honored to be a part of all the minutes old action and story that follows baby's arrival. The after-birth, getting an amazing shower to clean up, the first latch, the breastfeeding contractions, the first pee, those glorious mesh-panties, those first moments together as a family of 4, all the FaceTime moments with loved ones afar, getting tucked into bed with your brand new miracle... Unforgettable memories frozen in photographs. Congrats you guys on your beautiful baby boy! And HOPE midwives you amaze me as always with your love and skill in what you do.

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