Family Portrait

Classic . Timeless . Relaxed

If you’re looking for a photography session with structure as well as direction with posing, then a portrait session is the perfect fit. It's also the best fit for extended family photo sessions.

Don’t be bored by the word ‘structure’, it doesn’t cut out the fun that we will have together! A portrait session is guided by relaxed posing but I still capture the candid of the in-between, those natural smiles, laughs and tender touches.

I aim to keep your portrait session very relaxed, no matter the moods of any little ones or pets involved. I want you to put your nerves aside… your stress of children misbehaving… your anxious thoughts… Know that I’ve got this. We ease into the session, making sure everyone is having fun and keep it interesting throughout. If someone isn’t in the mood for their time in the spotlight we will focus on something or someone else until they’ve forgotten we were even taking pictures at all. I keep your session flowing, doing new poses, new movements to escape the feeling of standing stiff with a pasted smile on your face for an hour.

Portrait sessions are usually done at a beautiful outdoor or indoor location. It’s always ideal if the location has meaning to you as it can add another dimension to your portraits, but if you don’t know of anywhere special – then rest assured I know of many places and we can work together to find the perfect setting.

Let’s capture the connection you share – how you fit together in this moment in time. We don’t want to forget all that makes you and your loved ones a family.

Let's Do This!

Type of session, date and time you have in mind, type of location, etc. The more you let me into your head, the better!