What is an Intimate Session?

Intimate photography is actually what started my passion for doing photography professionally. I used a small point and shoot camera to do some sexy photos for an anniversary gift to my husband. It consisted of setting the timer – run – quick – pose and look natural! :) Surprisingly the photos turned out pretty decent considering how they were done. haha I look back on them now and I laugh, but they really boosted my self-confidence and I was soooo excited to gift them to him. I thought if I could take photos awkwardly like this, I could definitely pursue my passion of doing it professionally behind the lens. And so the love-affair of photography and intimate sessions began…

Intimate Session photos are a celebration of you! I hesitate to use the word boudoir session, as it often brings to mind, fancy, done-up, uncomfortable lingerie photos… That’s why I call it an intimate session – because it’s different. It’s you, being comfortable in your own skin, in a setting that draws out your inner soul. What I aim to shoot in your intimate session are photos that represent the truest version of yourself. Photos where you feel so comfortable and safe in who you are as a woman, that your beauty radiates. It doesn’t have to be done up or complicated. Just simple. Stiletto and corset free. No matter your size, shape, or stage of life – I know your photos will leave you feeling brave, daring, energized and proud to be you!

Let’s chat about what that looks like for you and just like you, each session is unique.


Do I need professional hair and make-up?

Totally not necessary, but it can really make your features pop! Often, girls tell me they don't wear much make-up, but in photos it really doesn't look like too much make up even if your skin isn't used to it. If you're getting your hair done, make sure it's flowy, natural and easy to mess up.

Where do you shoot?

I’m committed to providing a safe and encouraging environment for women, building trust and creating beautiful images. Therefore, the location for each session is different – because you’re different. Often sessions are done in your home, outdoors, or in a studio space. It’s wherever you feel most comfortable. The beautiful forest, in your favourite corner of your home, along the peaceful river’s edge… I’m always up for trying out new locations!

For in-home sessions, the simpler the better. If you’re unsure about your space, or think it’s not glamorous enough or decorated just right – you’d be surprised at how little that will play into your final images. All you really need is one good window to fill the room with natural light and the less clutter the better. It often makes it more personal, less made up and more you… at home, music on, candles lit and and wine in hand.


Intimate session photos are raw, real, and all for you. I keep them highly confidential and they will not be shown to anyone nor displayed anywhere unless your permission has been received.

What to wear?

Intimate sessions are “clothing optional”. It’s truly up to you, what you feel more comfortable in… au naturel, comfortable, or a little bit fancy… Toss out any negativity towards your body; it’s all about focusing on what you love about yourself. Items that showcase the things you love about your body are great. This type of session is all about self-love and letting your beauty shine through. Don’t worry about how to pose or what to do, that’s why I’m here for you.

I need work on my body first?

Women often feel they need to loose weight, get a spray tan, and build some muscle before they attempt a session like this. Not necessary! I know all the ways to pose your body so that you feel confident, sexy, and ready to show it off! Your body size and level of tan doesn't matter - trust me, you will feel like a goddess and have images to prove it to yourself.

Let's Do This!

Location thoughts, date, are these photos for a date or a special event, etc.