After your wedding celebration has ended, it is so important to me that you end up with a gorgeous heirloom album. A handcrafted story book that will literally outlive you and you can pass on from generation to generation. Inks and papers are 100+ year archival quality. I have searched out the best of the best in album crafters and want you to have nothing short of the best. The choice of formats, papers, covers, and coordinated accessories is amazingly wide: perfect to design your own, unique, story book

There are two kinds of albums to choose from:

Option 1

Timeless, hardcover album with your choice of any of the below album materials. Photo covers can be done on a faux-glass cover, or laser etched into a metal cover with any of the below materials to bind it.

Option 2

Album and box. Choose between a soft cover, hardcover, or crystal glance cover album. Tucked away in a coordinating box. Photo covers can be done on a glass looking cover on the inside of the box lid.

The colors, materials, engraving, enoblements... options are endless!

Album and Box Materials

Page Thickness


Album Upgrades


Albums come in leather, leatherette, hardback photo, or fabric covers.

Upgrades to common favourites are:

$85 - Crystal Glance 'Glass' Cover

$78 - Wood Cover

$46 - Premium Leather Cover

$90 - Metal Cover


All albums come with 20 spreads. Average of 1-8 photos/spread with an exception of usually 1 spread having more.

Less is more - when it comes to photos/spread. So the more artistic looking you want the album, the less photos crowding each spread, the better. Adding more spreads to your album, allows for more single photo spreads in your album. Additional spreads come in sets of 10.

$167 - 10 spreads (30 spread album)

$275 - 20 spreads (40 spread album)

$386 - 30 spreads (50 spread album)

Size & Thickness

Albums come in 8x12" vertical or 8x8" square size. Wide range of size options available up to 16 x 20" size. Please ask on pricing.

Pages come in a 'thick paper'. If you would like to upgrade to rigid pages it is an additional 18% of album pricing. If you add many spreads, you may have to go down to a thinner page depending on album size.

Parent Albums

Beautiful keepsakes for parents, grandparents, and friends. Mini copies of your wedding album done in a hardcover. Sold in the following sets:

$168 - Four 4x5" albums

$168 - Two 6x8" albums

$168 - One 8x12" album

Something else in mind? Let me know what you're dreaming up and we can work together to make it a reality.